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bottom of the hour now. welcome back, everyone. i'm randi kaye. >> i'm victor blackwell. thanks for starting your morning with us. here are five stories we are watching this morning. actor larry hagman has died, his family says the 81-year-old died of complications from cancer. we want to hear your thoughts on the passing of larry hagman. tweet us victor cnn 0 ocnn. we'll read some of them at the end of the hour. >> and number two, hundreds turn out to protest walmart on black friday. the group our walmart says it is fighting for better wages and hours for workers and that the company retaliates against employees who speak out against the company. walmart says the group doesn't represent its employees and that only 50 of its workers actually
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joined that protest. it has been an agonizing week for the family of champion boxer hector macho camacho and now his mother says she will probably decide today whether to take him off life support. the 50-year-old puerto rican boxing champ is brain dead after being shot in the face on tuesday. the gunman and another suspect are still out there somewhere. one of camacho's sons says his father is alive and will fight to the end. number four, a gun was fired inside a target store in aurora, colorado last night. police say a man in a ski mask fired one bullet into the ceiling while in the pharmacy section. he then ran outside the building before many shoppers realized what had happened. the incident is being investigated as an attempted robbery. and, of course, number five, black friday. shoppers turned out in droves for doorbuster sales at stores like best buy and walmart. i was out there with them from midnight to 3:00 on friday morning. >> not me.
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>> early early. one interesting analyst is estimating that sales increased as much as 3% over last year. .walmart said that by opening even earlier on thursday, it sold 5,000 items per second. >> amazing. it's practically become a holiday of its own, waking up from a turkey comaen an shopping for deals on black friday. the national retail federation estimates 147 million shoppers are expected to hit stores throughout this weekend. according to mcafee security, holiday shopping online is expected to climb about 12% this year to $96 billion. yes, that is with a "b," dollars. mcafee's expert robert sicilian know joins me now with 12 scams of christmas to avoid. millions are shopping online this weekend. numbers are only expected to rise come cyber-monday. at the top of your list of things to watch out for are
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social media scams. explain those. >> so bad guys are cathy fake social media pages with too good to be true offers and then luring in unsuspecting victims with offers via status updates to your friends' pages. once you click on those links, it can infect it your page and your pc. delete those links. don't go to those status updates and be careful out there. >> that's good advice. what about malicious mobile apps? we're downloading apps all the time on our phones and things. >> yeah, recent studies show as much as 33% of mobile apps are sharing information that you'd rather not like your location, they are actually when you download these apps, they can even infect your mobile device with spyware. only download mobile applications from, say, goog play or apple itunes whereas if you go to third party sites and
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download applications essentially your device can be infected. be aware of what information you're communicating on certain apps. and always update your mobile device with anti-virus, as well. >> and a lot of people, of course, during the holiday season, they love to get those gift cards. but you say some of them are bogus. >> yeah, bad guy are creating fake e taylor sites designed to get you to enter your credit card information. if you're searching out a gift card, you end up on a third party site, you don't know if that site will be there the next day. basically you should buy your gift cards at the kiosk at the mall or the brick and mortar store, police places you know, like and trust and always tell the people who receive your gifts to spend them immediately. >> and you know, we've heard the term phishing before in our e-mails. now there's this holiday term called smishing. explain that one. >> smishing is to text
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messagesing what phishing is to e-mails. they send you out text messages design ed to get you to a website. you could download a virus right to your device, your moeshl device infecting it with spy ware or it will bring you to a website that eventually you'll plug in your information and ultimately giving away your credit card data. anytime you receive a text message for any type of offer, hit delete. if you receive a message to update your device just delete because your carrier is not going to send you that text. update your device with anti-virus, as well. >> that delete button is your friend this time of year. what about certain sites and deals you think we can trust? what do you like? >> so i always will do business again with those who i know, like and trust. you know, there are certain web sites like ebay and amazon and best buy and others that you've been too, you're familiar with. when you type their dress in the
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address bar and it comes out like it should as it's spelled that's where you want to go. doing searches and the first page of search generally you'll find legitimate retail sites. it's when you dig deeper and get e-mails for take sites you have to be aware of. do business those how know, like and trust, who your favorites are. >> great advice, robert, thank you so much. >> thank you. to politics now and taxes. they are at the heart of the negotiations over the fiscal cliff. and now georgia senator saxby chambliss says a no tax pledge signed by most republicans is standing in the way of getting that deal done. >> times have changed significantly. and i care more about this country than i do about a 20-year-old pledge. i think we owe the debt and we've got to figure out a way to pay it. >> that pledge was written by grover norquist and his group americans for tax reform. norquist talked about this on
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cnn's "the situation room." >> the commitment he made to the people of georgia was not to me. it was a written commitment to the people of georgia that he would go to washington to reduce government spending and reform government, not raise taxes. if he wants to change his mind and become a tax increaser, so we don't have to reform government, he needs to have that conversation with the people of georgia. >> we've got 38 days before we go over that cliff. if there's no deal before the end of the year, taxes will go up for every american. amid fears the cease-fire between israel and hamas and gaza won't last long, we found one place that is a zone of peace. where victims most importantly children from both sides of the border can find some common ground. [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of? bikes and balloons, and noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese.
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syria is exploding in more violence. >> opposition activists say at least 76 people were killed across the country yesterday and syria is bracing for more unrest as rebels continue to battle
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troops loyal to president bashar al assad. ugandans could face life in prison for same sex acts. the acts are already illegal in the east african nation. gays and lesbians are seen as social outcasts and some beaten to death. but a new new law before the parliament would the crack down even more. human rights activists say they are outraged. >> less than 48 hours into a fragile cease fire between israel and hamas, a deadly shooting. one young palestinian was killed and many more were wround wounded in a buffer zone near the israeli/gaza border. a week of fighting saw an unlikely coming together. cnn's sara sidner found proof in a hospital in tel aviv. >> 4-year-old yosef is listening to a bedtime story but he's not at home safe in bed. he's in the hospital, a victim of an age old conflict that has shattered his family life.
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he and his parents were staying inside this apartment building in southern israel when a rocket from gaza slammed into it. the blast sheered off several of joseph's tiny fingers, badly injured his father and took his mother's life. she was among the first to die on the israel side of the border. he was saying my mother is not here. she's with god. he knows it will be a hard time, his grandmother says. hard is putting it mildly. he has just been through a second surgery. doctors at the shiba were medical center reattached four of his fingers, but in the end, they had to reamputate two of them. >> translator: he lives in the south and there are rockets all time in that area. hamas doesn't think about where the rockets are going, she says. >> while joseph is being treated just one room away there's another child with the same kind of war injuries, except she's from the other side of the conflict. she's from gaza.
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8-year-old besan lost three fingers when the war came to her home. i heard the sound of a missile that hit. i didn't even have time to ask what happened and then the second one hit, she says. when the dust cleared she could see the bones of her chirld's fingers in small pieces on the floor. she was taken to the hospital in gaza, but it was too crowded and they couldn't give her the best care. so the family asked israel for permission to cross the border. initially her mother was terrified, terrified at the prospect of people considered an enemy in their country putting their hands on her wounded daughter. it's a strange situation. and it's my first time entering israel. i was afraid. but they treated me and my daughter in a very nice way and i understand than medicine has nothing to do with politics, she says. >> all the tension is blocked outside the hospital. here, there is an island of sanity in the stormy water of the middle east. here we treat people.
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we don't actually look from where they are and what they do and what they did before coming here and what they are going to do after leaving us. >> this doctor is treating both children. >> never be normal. it will affect her life from now on and his life from now on in choice of profession, in choice of hobbies, in choice of a future partner for life. everything. >> she has worked in this tel aviv hospital her entire career, treating everyone from soldiers to suicide bombers. and the civilians in between. >> what is it in this piece of land that everybody's fighting about it all the time? this is what comes to my mind, whether this is our lot for eternity from now on, you know, always have the injured on both sides. always fighting. what's the point? >> reporter: if there is a point, it is lost on a 4-year-old boy and 8-year-old girl from either side of the
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israel-gaza border who just want to be children but now share a similar fate. their innocence interrupted by a war they had nothing to do with. sara sidner, cnn, tel aviv. >> a long hall haul trucker says a wrong way turn landed him in jail for seven months. we'll tell you his story. ve tom. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you one-to-one. together for your future. ♪ your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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it could have happened to any one of us just as easily. you run a new route, an area they don't drive very often, relying on your gps system for directions and then you take a wrong turn. >> but for one long haul trucker, it led to an international incident. mexican authorities say he crossed the border into mexico carrying 258,000 rounds of high-powered ammunition in his truck and then sentenced him to prison. he was released on friday after being locked up for seven months. >> nick has been following this story for us.
4:50 am
so he says what, it was just bad directions or what did he say? >> there's still some people questioning his alibi and his story. i mean, i was reading a truck driver blog before i got up here and they said how do you make a wrong turn? but he has maintained his innocence his innocence since day one. back in april, on his way taking a shipment from tennessee to phoenix looking at his gps and all of a sudden he took a wrong turn off the freeway and is at the border crossing from el paso into juarez. he spoke to a border patrol agent and directed him to make a u-turn on the other side of the border at which point the mexican authorities stopped him and said, hey, you had ammunition, you know you have ammunition in the back of your car. 268,000 rounds of high-powered ammunition. >> yeah. >> this is like some intense five power. he goes to make the u-turn and gets stopped and gets pulled over. they held him in mexican federal prison in vera cruz, mexico for seven months before letting him go. had an emotional press conference yesterday where he maintained his innocence and
4:51 am
explained a bit more about what happened. >> i want to say thank you to everybody for the help. excuse me. >> everybody knows i was coming pack home. following the gps and i was watching the road at the same time, and it was a car on my left side, the driver's side. if i could have got over i would have probably hit somebody. >> there's very strict laws in mexico about firearms. randi, you've been along the border. there's signs everywhere along the border crossings, no firearms and no ammunition. one bullet casing, if you're caught with it, can land you in prison. his charge carried up to 30 years in prison. he was there rotting away for seven months he says. >> over the last seven months there's been some intense negotiations between the mexican government, the u.s. government. what was the turning point that led to his release? >> intense complications before the negotiations even started.
4:52 am
the mexican media reported shortly after this incident happened in april that he had confessed he was smuggling this ammunition to two men in mexico. of course, he denies that report, but finally the turning point was the ncaa got involved, a local congresswoman as well in the local area in dallas, texas, also got involved and it took the mayor of el paso to sign a resolution to say they had his back. they were supporting him and believed his story. the company he's worked for maintained his innocence all the time saying this shipment was destined for finics and never intended to cross into el paso. that border crossing is so small there, one of the closest in the world. >> and going into juarez. >> that's not a place that you want to go in the last four years. a lot of violence there and said he never intended to go in. ended up there. very thankful to be back home. had a family party last night, family reunion and now he's back on u.s. soil. he may want to stay out of mexico for a little while longer. >> all right, nick. thank you very much. appreciate that. to some he was one of the
4:53 am
greatest tv villains of all time. to others he was a dear friend. >> celebrities and people around the world are remembering actor larry hagman today. we'll talk about what everyone is saying, and we'll read some of the thoughts that this v come in from twitter. that's coming up next. twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligations. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core,
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welcome back. stars in hollywood as well as people across the country are remembering actor larry hagman today. his family says the 81-year-old actor died of complications from cancer. >> you may remember him as the villain j.r. ewing from dallas or major tony nelson from "i dream of jean any" and his "jean
4:57 am
any" co-star barbara eden posted this. i had the pleasure of watching the texas tornado that was larry hagman. i can honestly say that we've lost not just a great actor, not just a television icon, but an element of pure americana. >> loved him in that role and on "dallas" as well and another statement from his costar linda grey. >> he was the pied piper of life and brought joy to everyone he knew. he was creative, generous and i will miss him enormously. the world was a brighter place because of larry hagman. i interviewed linda grey for the start of the new "dallas" series. were great as a married couple, but, boy they were good friends. >> such a mailingor part that have story line that they had to bring him back when they brought the series back and we'll how this plays out on air, in the script, in the platt. >> larry king tweeted i'm shock. larry hagman was a dear man who
4:58 am
had an incredible career. he helped me to stop smoking. he really was a very special person, and we know that he smoked for 24 years. >> yeah. >> then quit and became a spokesperson for the american cancer society, and we learned from some reporting this morning that the 30, 40 people over the years who say you've been the inspiration. >> which he really enjoyed. >> to stop me from smoking. a gift for him. >> mario tweeted me larry hagman was the most charismatic villain tv ever created. no kidding, right. we loved to hate him. we will miss him no. doubt he's great at being mean. >> this is from carey, a viewer who sent me a tweet. like most '60s babies, i grew up watching larry hagman. his j.r. ewing triumph is pure americana. i'll miss him. rest in peace, sir. a lot of monday femries coming in on twitter. an infamous j.r. sealed hype for dallas. south fork, he'll be remembered.
4:59 am
>> this one from peter fonda. rest in peace, my dear, longtime friend and brother. you brought so much fun to everyone's life and so much family to me and my family, falls my heart. >> and scott baio tweeted larry hagman died. what a sweet kind soul. i was fortunate enough to meet him. what an icon heaven is receiving. >> j.r. ewing has died. garnered one of the greatest cliffhangers in tv history. you remember who shot j.r.? >> of course he's talking about that. >> an entire summer waiting for that show to come back. >> i didn't sleep that whole time. i was waiting, waiting, to know who did it. >> yeah, it was definitely the cliffhanger of that season, and one of the 300 million people who watched it that season-ender. >> yeah. it was -- he was it. i mean, he really was. but he will be missed. i know i'll certainly miss him as the "dallas"

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